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Exclusive Peffiny Refining Exfolliant (10ml)

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A creamy exfoliator that polishes and refines skin’s texture. With Apricot Seed Powder, it enters pores to gently remove dead skin cells, lift impurities and clear up dull complexion. Enriched with Lavender Essential Oil and skin moisturising ingredients, it forms a moisturising film that seals in and prevents moisture from escaping. This gentle exfoliant cream helps to unclog and tighten pores, smooths and revives, leaving the skin silky soft, refreshed and radiant. 

一款去角质并修复肤质的乳状磨砂霜,采用超细微天然杏桃籽颗粒,深入毛孔,轻柔地去除皮肤表面沉积的角质细胞、清除脸上的杂质和提亮暗沉肌肤。它蕴含薰衣草精油与保湿成分,能在肌肤表面形成一层保湿膜,将水分锁住,不致流失。 此温和的磨砂乳霜可帮助疏通和收敛毛孔、抚平与唤醒肌肤,让您的肌肤如丝般柔滑、清新亮丽。 









Application: After cleansing, apply Refining Exfoliant onto the face and neck using light circular motions. Rinse thoroughly. 

用法:洁面后,将Refining Exfoliant涂抹于脸与颈部,轻柔地以打圈的方式按摩,再用清水冲洗干净。

Main Ingredients

Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Seed Powder 杏桃籽颗粒

* Fine solid particles that removes damaged, dead skin cells from skin’s surface, leaving you with softer, smoother skin texture. 极细微颗粒可清除皮肤表面受损的死皮细胞,使您的肌肤更显柔嫩、光滑。 *Contains high concentration of fatty acids, minerals, vitamins A and E which aid in nourishing and moisturising the skin 蕴含丰富的脂肪酸、矿物质、维生素A 与 E,有助于滋养与滋润肌肤

Lavender Essential Oil薰衣草精油 

*Has purifying and anti-bacterial properties 具有净化与抗菌功效 *Unclogs pores, reduces inflammation, prevents and heals acne breakouts 净化毛孔、减轻皮肤炎症现象、预防与治愈痤疮 *Aids in skin lightening and reduces discoloration, including dark spots有助于美白肌肤、改善肤色不均、淡斑 *Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 减少细纹与皱纹


  • A biocompatible copolymer that has the same structure as phospholipid which is a fundamental building block of cell membrane
  • 结构与细胞膜中的基本组成--磷脂相似的生物相容性共聚物
  • Improves the moisture retention capability of the epidermis and provides long-lasting hydration 
  • 增强表皮的保湿能力与长效锁水
  • Forms a protective film to reinforces the skin barrier properties and reduces irritation
  • 在肌肤表面形成保护膜以增强屏障功能,保护肌肤免受刺激

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