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  • 反反复复的痘痘的救星

Acne Control Cream

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An intensive acne control cream that purifies pores and draws out excess oil, impurities as well as bacteria. It penetrates pores to clear up existing acne while preventing the new blemishes from forming without over-drying. It helps to regulate sebum secretion, reduce redness and swelling of pimples, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.    

一款速效痘痘调理霜, 净化毛孔,有效地去除脸上多余的油脂、杂质与细菌。它能渗入毛孔将其中的阻塞物排挤出肌肤表面,消除并防止痘痘的生成,而不使肌肤变得干燥。它有助于调衡油脂分泌、减少痘痘红肿发炎现象,让您的肌肤透亮洁净。

Application:  Apply as needed to affected areas. 


Main Ingredients 活性成分:

Witch Hazel Extract 金缕梅萃取Witch Hazel Extract 金缕梅萃取.jpg

Acts as an astringent to help shrink the pores and regulate sebum secretion


Tea Tree Leaf Oil 茶树精油Tea Tree Leaf Oil 茶树精油.jpg

Effective acne treatment because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties


Horse Chestnut Seed Extract 七叶树萃取Horse Chestnut Seed Extract 七叶树萃取.jpg

Regulates sebum secretion by inhibiting the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands


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